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    2.3.3+2.3.7+arc 08/12/2011 ThGo2 v12.1 ICS theme

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    2.3.3+2.3.7+arc 08/12/2011 ThGo2 v12.1 ICS theme

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    [2.3+2.3.7+arc ROM][03/12/2011]ThGo2 v12.1 [Greatest] [ICS theme] [with T.E.A.M]

    Hi ihr Lieben,

    da ich meinen Bootloader freigeschalten habe [HowTo] Bootloader auf SE XPERIA x10 entsperren, habe ich mir auch ein anderes ROM gesucht. Und bin bei ThGo2 gelandet. Hier ist habe ich das gefühl das ganze System schneller auch din Internetverbindung via WIFI schneller ist.

    Thanks to zdzihu for Xrecovery GB ready and FPS Uncap nothing audio lags!
    Thanks to tkymgr link2Sd fix and more
    Thanks to kenjidct kill app long press back button
    Thanks to zorglub08 button LED fix
    Huge thanks to T.E.A.M team theme and app
    Thanks to Yuto helps me
    Thanks to DooMLoRD Bootmanager & unlock fixes

    I like minimal & cool style, so I am going to build small ROM and simple theme mod by stock SE 2.3.3 first(^_^)b
    Don't copy my original files without agree, remove my credit any my files Ex. init.d scripts if you use in your ROM

    I build ROM and kernel. My ROM tweaking for my kernel, kernel for my ROM each other.
    My ROM getting very smooth & lowest battery drain!!![/size]


    Optional: Back up your mobile data APNs using APN Backup, as they will be erased when flashing this ROM.

    1. Full wipe, Wipe dalvik cache, and wipe battery stats. include update scripts (thanks to tkymgr)
    2. Flash the package via xRecovery
    3. Install Addon via xRecovery
    4, Flash .71 baseband to use Flashtools (only first time!!)
    5. boot & wait til phone will be stable...

    [size=150]6. If you done unlock, please flash stock kernel. another kernel is getting low speed for my ROM[/size]

    Known isuue:

    - tethering switch has an error 1st time
    - ??

    My ROM exclude even any google apps, you can install newest them from market  Wink

    Google Search, Voice Search, Gmail, Maps, Street, YouTube,
    Adobe Flash Player,

    Downloads: xrecovery
    If you done unlock, please flash stock kernel. another kernel is getting low speed for my ROM
    market v3.3.12:

    - for unlock bootloader -
    X10_2.3.3_Th_kernel-rev09-4-BootManager-v1.4: for unlocked x10
    X10_2.3.3_Th_kernel-rev09-4_wifi: for unlocked x10 xrecovery, for global user !! x10 build.prop

    LG Mario

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